EquiStep, a Step Towards Self Discovery


EquiStep offers bespoke 1-2-1 sessions that aim to meet your specific objectives. Together we will look at any issues you maybe experiencing and with the assitance of the horses we will work towards solving these problems. The clients’ interaction with the horse is ground based only, no riding and no previous horse experience is needed. Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is a form of experiential learning, where you learn by doing rather than being shown or told what to do. The discussions that occur during and after the activities allow the client to process what happened and how that learning can relate to other areas of life.

Team Building

The EquiStep team building approach is designed specifically for corporate or workplace settings. The EquiStep approach focuses on the fact that leading a company or team requires skills such as: clarity, trustworthiness, credibility, responsibility, respect and goal orientation. Instinctively horses will follow humans who embody these leadership qualities and offer an authentic and honest feedback. By exploring the dynamics of the horse herd and through practical exercises the opportunity exists to reveal non-productive patterns and encourage those who can lead to succeed.


For those who are inspired to use horses in their therapeutic practices, we have developed a training course for equine assisted learning for people such as eduction and mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists who want to combine  horses with their professional skills and training.